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Claim Jumper USDA Certified Prime Steak Steakhouse Menu

These succulent steaks are hand-selected, hand-cut and wet-aged by a master butcher resulting in the most flavorful beef on the market. Indulge in 5-star restaurant quality beef today. Available at select locations.

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Lobster Mac grilled cheese

We’re now offering gourmet grilled cheeses – just like your mom to make, only better! Indulge in our Lobster Mac Grilled Cheese, Double Bacon Burger Grilled Cheese and Nashville Hot Chicken Grilled Cheese while they last!

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Bag of bones, tailgate, march madness, basketball, party, catering, ribs, bones, BBQ, chicken wings, buffalo wings, game day, French fries, coleslaw

Enjoy 2 Full Racks of Ribs, 30 Chicken Wings, 2 Pounds of Fries, 1 Pint of Coleslaw and 1 Dozen Celery Sticks in a reusable thermal Claim Jumper bag for only $70! Available for a limited time with take-out or delivery.

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